25 Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Digital transformation is the only goal for most of the small scale and even medium scale companies. At the same time, the possibilities for making mistakes while setting up the digital marketing campaign also increase. No hard work in this digital world wins but only smart work does.

Here below are the most important digital marketing mistakes which we need to avoid in 2016 to survive and shine.

Missing to understand our audience

Always “Customers are the King” for all kind of business. So it is vital to know about how our target audience thinking about our brand, what they really expecting from us and how we can make them for returning customers. Failing to understand our audience probably is the biggest mistake one can do in digital marketing.

Insufficient Planning

Planning (I mean perfect planning) before execution is the first step in any process. Likewise, plan your digital marketing strategy wisely. Digital marketing always costs a lot and make sure you will get returns from each investment in all the marketing channels.

Having too much expectations

Having too much of the expectation with small investment is one of the most common mistake we can see in startups and newbies. Yes, maybe startups are not affordable to invest in big level. I suggest they can better go for growth hacking techniques. Instead of doing such smart practices, this is not advisable to make a decision with previous results with small budget. Still if you want more traffic in short time, just go for paid advertisement. If you are interested in SEO, then we you have to wait for some months for fruitful result.

Lacking focus on short term goals

Reaching out a high place is not so simple but it is highly possible. We literally need to cross many hurdles for sure. All we need to do is break up the big process in to small targets and work on to accomplish it within respective time. Without any short term goals you may fail to reach your target point.

Not Budgeting Properly

Allocating budget in each marketing channel is another important thing we must consider before you are really investing in. Check out the place or medium where your target audience are in massive amount and invest more there. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is another unavoidable thing we should aware of while investing.

Using Too Many Social Media Platform

Using Social media as a major business driving platforms is important nowadays but at the same time, creating too many social profiles in different social media channels in very short span of time is not advisable. Social media is boon for every business, try to make us of it in a nice way, don’t be a spammer there. All social media channels are smart enough to find out a spammer even in a huge crowd.

Forgetting the importance of content

Whatever happens, content is always king. This is not only applicable for Search Engine Optimization but also in the content marketing, blogging and even in social media. Don’t forget to keep update fresh content in your website as well as in your marketing channel

Failing to Archive data

Data is not just a metrics when it comes to analytics in digital marketing. Each and every visitor is important for your business. Tracking the analytics and analyzing the data is the only thing which helps us to predict our audience behavior. Digital Analytics will be next big trending topic in the year 2016 for sure. So don’t forget to make use of all free analytics tool and if affordable then go for paid one as well

Not having a mobile-friendly website

The ratio of the mobile searchers has already crossed the desktop searchers. Having a non-responsive website is like not having website for any business. Your target audiences are already moved to mobile world then why don’t you still? Go on and pick a best responsive web development services company who are good in recent web trends and techniques and get your website done.

Failure to adapt to changes

Old is Gold concept never applicable in digital marketing, as a digital marketing expert you should keep updated with latest trends and techniques and always should be ready to adapt any new changes in marketing techniques. Outdated strategy won’t win.

Neglecting the quality of content

Content is important in any marketing it doesn’t simply mean content but it means quality content. Simple but unique and fresh content is far better than quantity and thin content. Don’t compromise your quality in content for anything.

Having no social media strategy

Without having a perfect and smart strategy in social media, you simply just can’t make business in social media. People who are in social media are smart enough to pick the best ones albeit they have tons of options there.

Bulk profile creation

Too much of anything in short time always hurts. Don’t do any bulk profile registration in one time. Keep some regular frequency in both profile creation as well as in the status update.

Spending money for fake followers

There is no point in spending money for acquiring fake followers or likes. The ultimate goal of increasing followers for our profile is not just showing the number to people but for building the real community who will become your customers later (some of them may be our existing customers)

Talking too much about brand and brand alone

Sharing promotional content or same pages again and again in our profile doesn’t looks well and none of our audience would be interested in seeing same stuff. Make your audience engage with variety of information from various trusted sources.

Irrelevant and excessive hashtags

Hashtag has been introduced to categorize the similar contents. Adding irrelevant hashtag drives traffic in to wrong way. As per the expert’s opinion, we can have maximum three hashtags in a post or a status.

Sharing too many in short time

Frequency of posting is another major thing we should follow to manage all our social media profiles. Dumping too many things in short time won’t help to any brand. Sharing 3 posts in Facebook profile and 6 posts in twitter per day with equal interval is the mantra for major brands in all across the world.

Forgetting to proof read

Being hurry in posting anything doesn’t make sense. Proof read one, twice and thrice before posting in public. A Small grammar error or punctuation error may spoil your brand name. Hire a dedicated person to proof read all your content which are about to publish in public.

Avoiding Meta data and schema tag

Meta description or Meta keywords are mightn’t help for search engine ranking directly but it helps to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) which is in turn helps indirectly for ranking. Add customized message with all your offers, features etc., within the description. Likewise schema tag too helps for higher CTR and customized data in Search Engine Results (SERP) pages.

Paid Link Building strategy

Search Engines especially Google is smart enough to differentiate the paid links and natural links. There is no way to cheat Google with paid links. Take your time to plan your strategy to get links naturally. Moreover we can go for link baiting techniques for better results.

Keywords Stuffing

Keywords are important for all marketing but focusing too many keywords in single page leads to get penalized by Search Engine. We always better not to focus quantity of keywords but rather we can focus on quality keywords (I mean the keywords which drive better conversion)

Dynamic URLs

Dynamic URLs are nothing but links which are created automatically by server according to user’s interaction within the website. Dynamic URLs usually have some string values with characters, numbers and sometimes even with symbols. Dynamic URLs are not appealing for both the users and Search Engines. If none of them like such kind of complicated links, then would we stick with dynamic just redirect or rewrite all URLs in to static one.

Wrong redirects

Using some tricky ways to redirect our users from one page to another page without the knowledge of those particular visitors is simply called “Cloacking”. As per the Google Webmaster Guidelines, cloaking is one of the worst and punishable techniques. Make use of various online tools to check for such redirects and remove it right now if you find any

Having Expiry Content

As the technologies and communication mediums are increased drastically, the peoples are also getting news and updates in no time from anywhere in the world. None of them here are interested to know something about which is old. Keep update your content day by day in your website and let them get updated from you.

No XML and HTML Sitemap

The name sitemap may looks like old but this is one where many people still searching to find their required pages when they enter in any website. Most of the websites in the internet have already crossed the total pages of 100


Want to shine in Digital Marketing? You just better not do any of the above mentioned mistakes. Once you are very much aware of DON’Ts then obviously you know what can come under Dos.  The list will be upgraded in upcoming days. If I have missed any points which you think that is vital, kindly share it with me in below comment section.

Thank you! Have a Happy and Ethical Marketing!

How Digital Media and Web Technology Affects Human Interaction?

Welcome back folks to join our conversation today. As title says we are going to have a small discussion about impacts of digital media and web technology presence in human interaction.

People say three things i.e., food, clothes and shelter are mandatory to every human being. Yes, everyone accept this. However, communication becomes another inevitable thing and it holds permanent place along with above list to survive in this world. As years of world increases, the mode of communication lists also increases simultaneously.

Need of interaction

Why interaction or simply called communication plays a vital role in digital world? Why because from personal relation, education and even for business, interaction is the root thing we choose. In this modern word there are so many things are there to know, to learn, to teach, to express and to convey. For all those, interaction in the form of communication is must.

Face-to-face Human Interaction

According to Albert Mehrabian who undertook a research in 1971 on communication, the face-to-face communication consist three basic elements (Verbal Words, Tone of Voice and Body Language)

  • Words (The actual verbal words said)
  • Tone of Voice (The usage and how people say/use those words)
  • Body Language

Usually the combination of all those three elements makes a complete message in communication.  The evident point here is verbal words account only 7% whereas tone of voice is 38% and rest 55% by body language. Often tone of voice and body language combine to make a strong mode of communication. Body language remains a form of non-verbal communication always.

Transformation of Verbal Words in to Text Words

Now what is the important element in digital world now? Very simple, obviously verbal words is now transformed into text words and again text words in the form of gestures, pictures, info-graphics, paintings, audio and video etc., As web technology grows the different type of digital media also increases simultaneously.

Digital Communication with Web Technology

After the invention of internet and www, the primary mode of communication is drastically changed from face-to-face communication to online communication. The interaction between human also made easy with the digital media and latest technology. At the same time, the elements which we use for each mode of communication differ. Body language and sometimes even tone of voice may not be a part in recent online communication but text words in the form of digital media does.

Digital media replaced the tone of voice, likewise emoticons and short symbols replaced the body language. Agree? Yes, I do

Human Interaction and Social Media

Social Media and other networking medium become the quickest interaction medium nowadays. Copious social media are there and every network is built with different motives but eventually all ends with for interaction with others. How we use social media is the only thing which decides either the social media is good or bad. There is no such perfect answer for the question. Digital Media and technology not only impacts those people who are actually using it but also affects or helps even those who never knew about technology. Here is some simple example I would like to share here.

Sneha Mohandos and Food Bank

Most of the south Indians now aware of a Chennai woman, a 23 year old Viscom student, called Sneha Monhandos and Food Bank concept.  This is one of the trending topics for some days in Facebook and even in Twitter. The motive of the Food Bank is even the street dwellers should be feed good meals three times in a day. A nation with no person goes hungry is the long term goal of the charity “The Food Bank” by Shena.  The basic idea is serve simple home cooked food (simple dish made at home) in every week and serve street dwellers at their places. The process is too simple, they simply collect the leftover food from the homes and packed in aluminum foil or plastic container and is distributed to needy and homeless peoples in Chennai.  Volunteers are there in major areas like Saidapet, Adyar, West Mambalam, Nungambakkam, Chetpet, Ashoknagar and Kilapuk etc., who go and collect the orders and distribute in the respective areas. The special thing is, they never collect any money with anyone in the name of Food  Bank.

She knows very well, a single person alone can’t achieve this biggest goal. She wisely chooses a well-known Social Media called Facebook. Initially she started a Facebook groups with her close friends, relatives, friends of friends etc., and very soon the list of members has been increased drastically to support her. There are some 7,440 members are there in this group. Everyone started to drop the order in the group and volunteers are ready to take care of this process without any delay. To make the process much easier, she then started WhatsApp group as well. WhatsApp helps them to convey the messages and order details very quickly.

Thanks to Social Media, because of you, we can make the things simply and quick.

I hope everyone who is reading this article could get some benefit from Social Media like getting contact number of your close buddies after long year, getting proper solutions for your problems, product reviews, movie updates etc. Nowadays people are even ready to share their personal health issues too. Some of them are making love in Social Media.  Albeit face-to-face communication getting fade, the digital media and web technology has offer us another form of quick communication channel for human interaction.

Let’s make use of such online media channel in positive way and keep our world peaceful. Do let me know if you have any personal opinion with digital media and technology, I would love to hear from you.

User Experience (UX) – Google Search Engine Ranking Factor

We are here today to learn about Quality User Experience simply called UX and how it helps to increase the Search Engine Rankings especially Google ranking.

Every business websites are designed and developed to entice their targeting visitors and getting ranked in top spots of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The question I wish to bring here is Does Google show thumbs up to all? No right? But why and why not


Since Google started its service (I mean listing quality and relevant website as per the visitors search query) it has been rolling out various algorithms to keep search results more and more relevant. Every digital marketing expert knows about this, but still we can we say User Experience is a key ranking factors nowadays.

Looks incredulous? Here are few plausible Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which helps to prove above statement

As far as we know, Panda and penguin are two major algorithms which were rolled out.

Google Panda

First panda update has been rolled out by February 2011 and it affected nearly 12% of the overall search query. Google panda is to control spam, low quality and thin content.

Google Penquin

First penguin update was announced on April 2012 and its affects 3.1% of English search queries.  Google Penguin is to control spam links from low quality websites.

Good enough content is no longer enough to rank in high positions. Apart from what else matters here? Yes, bounce rate and Average time of visitors in our website are there. These two are major factors to decide how a new visitor feels about our website and he/she gets what they really looking for.

Bounce Rate

Bonce Rate is nothing but the percentage of the visitors who are navigating away from our website without clicking any other page within the website. Simply we can call it is one pages session.

Below are some of the ranges by which we can categorize the bounce rate

Very good: 0% – 25%

Good: 26% – 40%

Average: 40% – 55%

Bad: 55% – 80%

Terrible: 80% – 100%

Average Time on Site:

Time on site is nothing but how many seconds or minutes a visitor who is active in our website on an average. So basically both are proportional to each other.

I hope all you have get a fair idea now in why to decrease the bounce rate and increate the average time on site.

Okay, we know the solution now but where are the ways? Here below are some of the ways which give fruitful results for low bounce rate and obviously high search ranking.

Internal Links:

Don’t forget to use internal links to other blog post or web pages. Linking is a perfect way to navigate our visitors within our website without letting them to get out of website with single page view.  When we come to internal linking strategy, relevancy matters more. None of us would like to read or navigate some irrelevant topics suddenly while reading a page. So place internal link to other pages based on relevancy to make the current page more credible.

Avoid too much Advertisement

2015 and 2016 web technology trends would be clean and neat web page with flat design. Better to avoid excessive advertisements in sidebar and within the content area as well. Keep your ads below the fold and keep your content above the fold. Most of the search engines too looking of such practices only.

Website Speed

Time is very precious to everyone. None of us is ready to waste even a single second in our hurry-burry routine life. Then how come we can expect our visitors to wait until our website loads in more than 3 seconds. Optimize your website to load in or below 3 seconds.

Mobile Optimized Website

More than 4 Billion people are on the Internet using mobile phones. Numbers of the visitor who are browsing internet in mobile are getting higher and higher day by day. Moreover search engine won’t let non mobile optimized websites ranking in mobile searches. It is wise for each business to revamp their websites with more mobile friendliness to make search algorithm love them.

Google Guidelines

Don’t know where to start optimizing your website in ethical way i.e., white hat way? Here is the complete guidelines suggested by Google Search Engine


Well, coming to the conclusion, the interaction between each visitors and our website is a major ranking factor in recent search algorithm. To make it possible, pay more concentration on developing websites with all the factors like internal linking, mobile friendliness, website speed, content placement and advertisement spot etc.,

In 2016, SEO will be more focused on content quality, content placement and content amplification. Do you have any contradict opinion with my thoughts? I would love to hear your feedback on this.

See you in next sunday with new blog post. Have a happy marketing!